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Astrologer's View..  

The symbols of these so called wild animals can bring changes into your life beyond dreams. North and East (South facing and West facing) are the correct directions for placing these trophies into your home. More precisely drawing-room is the correct place for these kinds of trophies. By placing these trophies in your house, especially in your drawing-room; it generates positive vibrations resulting in feeling of fearlessness and power in you..

Late Shree Navalkishore Thanki
Astrologer & Prohet


When you have feelings of unusual fear or fear of evil at your house, office etc., then you should place the symbols of those who are symbolized as the protectors (Rakshaks) like Lion, Tiger and Leopard in your house, office etc. Those who are in politics and wish to pursue this field should symbolizing Leopard's trophy at their home, office etc.

Shree Chetan Patel
Astrologer, Numerologist & Vastu Shastri

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Late Shree Navalkishore Thanki (Thankidada)

My Gallery..  

The so-called wild animals, Lions & Panthers have always awed me; Panthers with their beautiful floral pattern, their speed and present mindedness are intriguing. Thus, I am passionate about Asiatic Lion and fell in love with Bengal Tiger, Leopard and Cheetah. After seven years of deep research, my artistic mind gave birth to the trophies made by very non-animal materials.

Asiatic Lion Head

Age :: 8-10 years
Size :: 16.5 x 19 x 20 " (w x h x d)
Weight :: 4 kg
Materials Used :: Resin, Fiber, Wood, Glass, Jute & Colours



Painting was my passion since childhood. Soon after my school, making “Rangolies” during the Diwali festival became my hobby. The inherent love for pencil and paper led me towards portrait painting.

Medium and Size for all..
Medium:: Pencil & Charcoal on Paper
Size:: 22 x 27 inch

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Suresh Pandit (wildlife artist) holding Asiatic Lion Head trophy..