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About Me..  

There were days when man used to hunt wild animals, as a mark of bravery, man; I say is the only wild animal who for his ego, selfishness and prestige would hunt these wild animals. Their trophies would be stuffed and hung over the walls. To some this seemed fun and to some a heinous act. Though wild, these animals are a part of the jungle. Government put a ban on such hunting expedition to reduce the number of endangered species.

For those who desire to adorn their house with trophies of wild animals; there is good news. You need not be a millionaire, good hunter; you just need a good artist who can do it for you.

After experience of more than 10 years in the lap of Mother Nature at GIR WILDLIFE SANCTUARY (Sasan Gir, India), I could develop a new sort of a sculpture trophy of an Asiatic Lion without killing the animal. During those days, amongst the so-called wild animals, Lions & Panthers have always awed me; Panthers with their beautiful floral pattern, their speed and present mindedness are intriguing. The 10 th incarnate of God, the Narsimha Avtar has features half of man and half of Lion. This indicates the importance, magnanimousity and royalness of this animal. The Lion Census of 1990 & 1995 and other inhabitants of nature kindled a flame of love and kindness within me and sowed the feelings of protecting her. After seven years of deep research, my artistic mind gave birth to the trophies made by very non-animal materials. I have taken care of the minutest details in preparing it. The guidance of the forest officers and rangers proved very helpful to me, I am truly thankful to them and my family & friends who helped me to make my dream come true.


Memorable Moments in my Life..

• Participation in Gir Lion Census of 1990 / 95

• Opportunities in becoming resource person in nature education camps & activities

• Presentation of my artwork Lion and Leopard Trophies by me & my daughter to Honorable Chief Minister of Gujarat, Mr. Narendra Modi on behalf of Keshod B.J.P Leaders on October 16, 2002

• Presentation of my artwork Lion Trophy to Honorable Governor of West Bengal, Mr. Viren Shah on behalf of Groundnut Association, Keshod on November 22, 2003

• Winning State Award for Handicraft (year 2003)